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Guidelines and tips for submitting a great post. Jonathan Saring Follow. Bits and Pieces is free and always will be. I love hiking. I honestly wish I could find more of these in the web before I hiked there myself. Examples for great topic genres: Teach me something that makes me a better programmer Understanding Execution Context and Execution Stack in Javascript.

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A quick guide to effectively leveraging regular expressions. What is "this" in JavaScript? Understanding "this" in Javascript, hands-on. What is a PWA and why should you care? A useful intro to progressive web applications in React 16 — What can it do for you? Should you be using React 16? A short intro to how you can open source parts of your private projects without having to refactor them or compromise…. How to quickly build a blog using React and Gatsby.

The ebb and flow of life pulls me from my writing but in time, I find my creative stride again.

Using sagas to monitor and react when dealing with authentication failures. React OAuth Authentication with Firebase. Post structure Structuring a story is one of the finest arts of making a great post.

Guidelines and tips for submitting a great post.

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Will I enjoy reading it? This part should be short and no longer than 2—3 paragraphs 2—3 lines each.

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We welcome beginner tutorials and skillful deep-dives alike. We reccomend to use Grammarly. If not sure, ask a friend to audit. Images: you are responsible for copyright issues so make sure to play by the rules.

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Writing style: be honest. Be interesting. Be objective. Be awesome.

But it is not always this simple and our lives are not always this calm. What about the hard days when we feel unappreciated by work colleagues or unsupported by friends.

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How can I be grateful then? What about when we are ill or those around us receive news that is unexpectedly bad?

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Perhaps I need to look in the unexpected places, in the small and seemingly insignificant parts of my day, to see that God has given me unexpected gifts for which I am grateful; courage in diversity, a smile offered, a kindness given or accepted. Catholic Life and Faith.