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  2. Unravelling the ultimate political conspiracy.
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The boat flips and Mandy rescues two from the murky waters, but one, Tom King, dies in her arms.

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Author Groundwater taps the timely issue of environmentalists versus developers, which has become a common theme in many mysteries set in the increasingly not-so-Wild West, but also offers an intimate look at whitewater rafting and introduces readers to the small town of Salida, Colorado.

This town owes its livelihood to the mighty Arkansas River and all the activities that go with thrilling water adventures. Set in Sendai, Japan, this near-futuristic conspiracy thriller opens with the mid-parade murder of a newly elected prime minister. The police are after him, he has no idea why, and running seems to be the proper response.

In fact, filled with Beatles references the original Japanese title of the book is Golden Slumber , as in the Abbey Road medley and off-kilter characters e. Rather, he gets by, with a little help from his friends. A mild-mannered former delivery-truck driver is thrust into the role the wrongly accused on the run in this mad chase from one of Japan's top thriller writers.

She is also a corporate spy who works solo and for herself; she breaks laws, enjoys fighting with muggers, has a body laced with scars but is still irresistible to men, is fluent in any language or dialect of Europe or Africa, holds several forged passports, and loves to ride a sleek, black motorcycle. The plot, action, and characterization are quite simple as the two leads bump egos, bickering even while in mid-chase with Angolan assassins on their tail. But what matters here is the fun of the journey.

Top 10 Best Conspiracy Movies

This story travels where few American novels go, and the author is as comfortable describing the cities, villages, and political climates of Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon as she is describing downtown Dallas. In her Jackson Brodie series, Kate Atkinson has explored the way that random events and coincidence connect people whose lives seem otherwise separate.

In this fourth entry, the private investigator is looking for the birth parents of a woman who now lives in New Zealand. His path crosses that of Tracy Waterhouse, a retired police officer who now works security in a shopping mall. Tracy is keeping an eye on Tilly Squires, an elderly soap opera actress who seems to be suffering from dementia, when she is distracted by a familiar face from her days on the force—a drug-addicted prostitute who is dragging a small child violently by the arm through the mall.

The lives of all four characters—Brodie, Tracy, the actress, and the child—become tightly braided together as Brodie tries to trace the origins of his New Zealand client, Tracy tries to take care of the little girl she hastily acquired, and the actress wanders through her disintegrating memory. As in other books in the series, lives seem to move along their own paths, yet are connected, with the reader ricocheting through the story, making one startling connection after another. Beautifully written, witty, and touching, this darker entry in the Jackson Brodie series adds another layer of depth: all of the strands of the story are connected to a terrible crime that Tracy investigated in the past.

Though readers will want to read this series in order, the latest entry is the best yet. Beautifully written, witty, and touching, this darker entry in the Jackson Brodie series is the best yet. Dance in the Dark finds Scott time-machined to , older if not wiser, married with children. Almost numb himself, unable to comfort his emotionally devastated wife Ella or his younger daughter Gaby, he leaps on a case—anything to get out of the house.

An old acquaintance, aging actor and widower Forrest Combs, who has his own mortality issues, wants Scott to find Miranda, his runaway only child. A melancholy meditation on aging, grief, and loss tempered with all-too-human characters, smart and sturdy plotting, and a light dusting of good old-fashioned pulp wit and grit. Those living the dream, however, risk waking up.


The plan centers on selling Vic, who has become the toast of the Santa Fe art world thanks to his Christo-by-way-of-Jackass routine, as a mega-player looking to invest. The Life Domestic will have to wait. As for whether Radar, who can spot a scam a mile away, can every fully trust Woody, who taught him everything he knows, Vorhaus leaves us guessing till the very end. Orloff writes winningly of the comedy club scene and provides insider details of the struggles faced by those in the business of making us laugh. The first in a projected series, Killer Routine is an entertaining debut with a diverse array of engaging characters despite a predictable ending.

All feature Yashim Togalu, a canny court cook with the proximity and talent to investigate political intrigue at the very heart of the Ottoman Empire. A eunuch, Yashim is unobtrusive and seemingly harmless, traits that afford him access to the inner sanctum of the royal court and harem. As the novel opens, Yashim is confronted by political mayhem and intrigue, with many a power struggle in sight.


Eventually, he is drawn into a battle of wits with his former mentor, Fevzi Pasha, who has defected to enemy Egypt, taking the Turkish fleet along with him. With a change of regime, the younger members of the harem seek to depose their predecessors, and so the battle commences. Clearly, though, one does not read Goodwin for plot alone, despite his masterful touch. The 19th-century Turkish setting and the depiction of Ottoman politics and culture add immensely to the appeal of this book. Goodwin evokes exotic Turkey, replete with sultan, harem, and the constant consumption of thick Turkish coffee.

Yashim Togalu tackles political mayhem and intrigue in the latest in this critically acclaimed series. The good people who arrange the annual Malice Domestic conference are impressively organized. The conference in Bethesda, Maryland, just ended a couple of weeks ago -- probably some of those who attended haven't even unpacked -- and already the details for the conference are up. That is inspiring. Makes me want to reorganize all my drawers and kitchen shelves.

Of course, anyone who has organized a conference knows that you have to keep on top of things at all times. You start planning for the next conference before the current one has even begun. Malice Domestic is one of my favorite conferences but, unfortunately, I haven't been able to attend for about five years because of other conflicts and timing. But I want to get back there as I always enjoyed the conference.

As much as I admire Christie's work, I think that today's authors of the traditional mystery have surpassed even Dame Christie's work. The amateur sleuth novels that revolve around occupations give us an insider's window to worlds we are curious about. Those are exactly the types of novels that the Malice guests of honor write.

Guest of honor will be Jan Burke , top, the multi-award winner of the Irene Kelly series and several stand-alone thrillers and short stories. Her new Irene Kelly novel Disturbance comes out in June. Toastmaster will be Dana Cameron , at left, who writes the Emma Fielding series of archaeological mysteries and some excellent short stories.

Unravelling the ultimate political conspiracy.

Hillerman, of course, showed us the Southwest and the Native American culture in his long-running series. Start packing your bags. Bouchercon will be Sept. Toggle Navigation. Murder Your Darlings. Lynne Maxwell. Teri Duerr. Steve Hamilton's Inside Joke. Oline Cogdill. I'd say Alex McKnight was in good company.

Lost in Juarez

Xav ID Buzz Off. Jon L. Characters are changing. The marshall's office has a new muffin-bearing officer.

TANTAMOUNT-Blaine Pardoe and Victoria Hester

Here's the second part of that interview. Stolen Lives. Kevin Burton Smith. Treason at Lisson Grove.