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Mental Toughness
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  3. 4 Ways to Improve Your Self-Talk and Get Out of Your Own Head
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When you're in The Zone you feel like you're flying. So, make an effort to get in The Zone for games.

Focus on clearing your mind of clutter. Make a list of everything you need to do school work, things at work, etc. When your mind is relaxed, your body is relaxed, and when your body is relaxed, your shots are looser and more accurate. To meditate, sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Close your eyes, relax your mind, and just focus on breathing in and out. That's it. Combine improved brain timing with coaching. Track improvement. Til your skill improves. Our Performance Package helps you achieve better Head Game performance. Stop allowing frustration, tension, or even the excitement of the perfect shot affect your next move.

Troy - Get'cha Head in the Game (From "High School Musical")

With our Peak Performance program, special coaching techniques and a combination of technologies will help improve your mind-body connection and your game. Improved coherence prevents your mind from interfering with your performance.

High School Musical (soundtrack) - Wikipedia

It has helped athletes be calmer and more focused at the peak moment — and have more fun along the way. It will boost performance, in sports, and in other areas of your life. Most importantly, it produces immediate, quantifiable, and long-lasting results. The program incorporates top biofeedback instruments fine-tuned for performance improvement.

From measuring physically how quickly you are able to calm yourself and recover from intrusive thoughts to evaluating timing and coordination, these instruments help you continually improve.

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Improving these skills improves your game. Are you interested in learning about how you can play at Peak Performance? Call us at to schedule a free consultation and find out how Mental Zone Training can help you achieve peak performance at golf, other sports, and business.

Get your head in the game. Neurofeedback helps improve brain performance. That, in turn, helps improve attention, mood, controlling thoughts and emotions, and learning. It can also target motor control. The number of Neurofeedback Sessions can vary.

4 Ways to Improve Your Self-Talk and Get Out of Your Own Head

It is training — and learning. This concept will help familiarize you with your task until you could do it half-asleep, with both hands tied behind your back. We've seen players with inconsistent technique utilize visualization to become more dependable players. They simply needed to discipline their mind to perform at the level their body was capable of.

It's a great way to get in more practice time for your brain. Everybody gets nervous before a game or a performance. Unfortunately, anxiety can also muddle your thinking, which can cause you to make bad judgments on the field. If you're alert, but relaxed, you can make decisions better and faster when you're under pressure. Controlling your anxiety will go a long way to making you feel more confident in your game, because you'll know that it won't affect your performance.

Take some time to relax before each game and you'll find yourself a lot less stressed. We've seen several players come to us with great technical skill but an overdose of adrenaline. Their technique was great in practice, but they would get worked up and make mistakes when the pressure was on.

Trivia on the go

Indecision and hesitation led to missed shots and botched plays. Over the course of their training, they learned to relax and focus before the game and during their breaks to help offset their usual tension level. They were still able to harness that energy, but they also reacted coolly under pressure, putting that great technique to use on the field. Having both short-term and long-term goals for your soccer training will motivate you and give you something to strive for.

If things don't seem to be improving and you don't have any goals, it's easy to get discouraged and consider quitting. The goals shouldn't be impossible, but they should definitely challenge you and force you to step up your game. Challenging yourself is the only way to consistently improve. We're constantly pushing our players to advance their skills and become better players. The students with high internal drive and motivation respond well to this kind of pressure and set high goals for themselves.