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  3. Kids called him 'pork chop': Anti-bullying video strikes chord with millions
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Martha does turkey wings and beef stew that would convert PETA's president, but the real gems are the golden-fried pork chops soaked in gravy that give the infamous -- and rightfully so -- fried chicken a run for its money. Bully's Restaurant Jackson, MS What you're getting : Smothered oxtails In a state that claims some of the best hole-in-the-wall soul food in the country, Bully's stands tall, as a divey, inconspicuous place that, for 40 years, has stuck with the kind of down-home cooking most places would shy away from.

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You can play it safe with fried chicken, but don't. And you're missing out on one of the best meals you'll ever have, served up in a friendly, no-nonsense restaurant. Oh, and one of the best banana puddings in the country. Perhaps the glass there is to keep you from licking the serving bins. Kountry Kitchen Soul Food Place Indianapolis, IN What you're getting: Smothered pork chops Things are pretty big on Kountry Kitchen's regular menu -- dominated by choose-your-meat combos including chicken-fried steak, meatloaf, and chops, plus catfish, shrimp, and whiting on the surf side.

But the place is a haven for communal eating, with family-style portions of all their mainstays designed to serve up to 25 people. But even if you split the serving fried catfish with one buddy, save room for Ms. Jessie's caramel pound cake and homemade cobblers, which have nothing to do with shoes and everything to do with euphoria.

Hell, even Snoop loves Roscoe's, and that dude doesn't just put his name on anything. Oh, wait Eagle's Restaurant Birmingham, AL What you're getting: Neckbones If you throw a rock in Birmingham you're bound to hit a soul food restaurant but seriously, don't be a prick , but once Bizarre Foods cruised into 'Bama, they blew the lid off the amazing, local-favorite secret that is Eagle's.

Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 5)

Each day, the cafeteria-style trough features a different line-up. Sometimes it's tender pig neckbones. Sometimes it's au gratins, fried chops, cube steak, oxtails, or fried chicken.


Nigel Slater's fast food | Food | The Guardian

No matter what, it's magnificent. Thanks a lot, Zimmern. No, seriously, good call. The regulars might have longer lines, but this is some of the purest soul cooking around. It's a secret worth spilling.

Kids called him 'pork chop': Anti-bullying video strikes chord with millions

Sweetie Pie's Kitchen St. Louis via Mississippi generations ago, Sweetie Pie's is the fortunate child of Robbie Montgomery, a former backup singer for Tina Turner and other lesser-known musicians like the Stones and Stevie Wonder. Sweetie Pie's two locations keep recipes grounded in tradition, serving up classics like oxtails and turkey wings alongside Jack salmon and roasted duck, plus some of the best neckbones around. Nevermind Mary.

Miss Robbie might be the proudest woman this side of the river.

As Warren taught us, it's really tough, and really dubious, to trust a buffet. But Casey's is the real-deal, a soul food-lover's dream come true, and the perfect testing ground to the uninitiated, since they have pretty much everything: fried chicken, chitterlings, fatback, chops, okra Unlike many buffets, everything is fresh, hot, and scratch-made. Pro tip: For optimal freshness, arrive right in the middle of the lunch rush, when the trays are being replaced with the freshest food possible.

Also, never say no to the offered Kool-Aid.

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Unless you're dining with Jim Jones. You're going to need it to cool the heat. In the last one, a girl had sex with a robot. Wait'll you see what we've got in store this time. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for helping us make our film.

These things are nearly impossible to make and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support over the years. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Jul 11, - Jul 19, 8 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email.

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