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Gary Owens opening narration. Buena Vista Television. He swears off ever having a partner again, but when Zurg threatens the world of the Little Green Men, Buzz finds himself assisted by three young Space Ranger cadets. Star Command is directly in the path of an asteroid field. Buzz and the Rangers respond to the emergency and start to destroy the asteroids, but they keep on coming. The asteroids appear to be under some power source that is aiming them at Star Command.

The source of the attack is an evil, female, big-headed alien known as Gravitina, the Mistress of Mass and she has a big crush on Buzz, thus holding Star Command hostage unless Buzz submits into marrying her. After a series of high tech robberies the team decides to put XR as bait to lure the robber who turns out to be a previous experimental robotic ranger XL voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait. While searching for a spy, Mira, Booster and XR also have to keep Buzz from learning secrets they are keeping from him.

After Team Lightyear rescues a mysterious box from a cargo freighter that is under attack by Warp Darkmatter, they bring the box back to Star Command, unaware that they are actually falling right into Zurg's evil trap.

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After Zurg's new weapon destroys two planets, Buzz must stop it before it destroys a third world. A scientist on planet Karn asks for Buzz's help to stop the poaching of native animals. Buzz and Warp Darkmatter discover that they were given implants years ago, so the pair team up to discover who gave them the implants and why. Buzz and XR find themseleves on a barren planet, fighting a series of gladiators.

XL kidnaps XR and steals a vital component of his. Feeling depressed and neglected, XR runs off to Tradeworld in an attempt to be properly fixed, but only runs into more trouble.


Team Lightyear are pushed into the unexplored regions of the galaxy by a supernova and crash on planet Roswell. Klerm kidnaps Buzz and uses his mind to create an army of Slam-Bots. Team Lightyear is sent to Bathyos to find who is helping smugglers steal fusion crystals. Brain Pod 13 defects from Zurg's service and Zurg either wants him back or destroyed. He calls on the galaxy's most infamous man hunter Shiv Katall to get the job done. When word gets to Star Command that Katall has been called, Buzz goes after him and dismisses the rest of the team.

Mira doesn't like this and decides to intervene in the mission and find Katall. When the team does locate Katall, he isn't quite the villain they thought him to be. After working himself too hard, Buzz is forced to take a vacation. Ambassadors are being kidnapped from Capital Planet and Buzz must locate them. Team Lightyear investigates mutant vegetables that are terroizing planet Jo-Ad. To succeed in their latest mission, Mira uses her ghosting powers to walk into a Crystallic Fusion Generator. She emerges as a glowing, hyper-active ranger.

Despite her father's warnings on how dangerous this new power is, Mira begins using her new powers to the extreme, eventually falling into the temptation of taking on Zurg by herself.

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  4. XR downloads all the Galactic Alliance files into his brain, making himself a target. While escorting a dignitary's daughter for Star Command training, the team encounters a plasma monster voiced by Michael Showalter who, in fact, is Plasma Boy, the girl's boyfriend. Things turn serious after a smitten Booster starts a fight with him. Read the next book The Departed for more I've always loved book about ghosts and ghost hauntings.

    This is a mature book and I would recommend it for middle school and older. The suspense in this book killed me every time there could be cliffhangers and there could be times when you just wouldn't see it coming. That's why I love this book and the way the J. Templeton wrote it. If you like scary ghost novels and romance books I would recommend this book for you. Make sure you read the one before it or you wont understand anything. What am I supposed to do now?

    I started The Deepest Cut, and found myself in love. While I was aware of some minor glitches in the first novel; this second book showed none of the same obstacles. Where book one was an instant attraction and an impossible relationship; book two is budding relationship that grows and develops. The Haunting starts from where book one leaves off at full speed. Upon the return of the cousins, Riley finds herself instantly drawn to Kade MacKinnon; but is it solely due to the resemblance to a certain ghost or is there more to the attraction. It quickly proves difficult getting to know Kade with a pesky determined ghost that just refuses to go away, but somehow Riley and Kade manage to find a strong connection that grows rather quickly.

    As the deadly interactions become more and more frequent Riley will have to accept her inability to face this alone, but determine just who can she trust with her secrets. This was the first appearance of the MacKinnon family, and I am in love with the entire bunch. Each with their unique personalities make them stand out amongst the entire cast of character. This was a heart racing read from the start, and Templeton offered the same goose bump read that I enjoyed with The Deepest Cut.

    danardono.com.or.id/libraries/2020-04-16/macyv-cell-phone-kik.php The ending was a race right up until the last page, and left me in a daze. I spent several minutes flipping pages back and worth saying, "Are you kidding me? It will be a depressing wait for the next book.

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    So far each book as been short and easy reads, but offering a captivating and intriguing story that will leave you begging for more. These are BookWhisperer Must Reads. BookWhisperer Jan 19, You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. MacKinnon Curse 2. The Haunted. References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None. No library descriptions found. Book description. Haiku summary. Add to Your books.

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