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Thunda King of the Congo

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African Comic Book Heroes from the Forties and Fifties

Space SF and Fantasy Comics. Jungle Comics Comics with a jungletheme. Skip to content. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

A witch secretly poisons the local water hole and uses the death of the animals to convince her tribe that she is very powerful. However, Simba attacks her and she falls into the water hole and dies of her own poison. Animal Jungle. Non-fiction Jungle. Two treasure hunters, posing as anthropologists, work with the Kafka chief to located a buried treasure.

Terry thwarts their plan, and they are killed and the map destroyed in an explosion. A prince and a slave girl elope and Wambi hides them in a cave. The jungle animals call a conference and tell Wambi that by allowing humans to hide in the jungle he is breaking the jungle law. Klassik Komix goes to the home of the stars for Hollywood Detective! Private eyes in the private lives of famous film makers from the Golden Age of Comics! Klassik Komix goes gaslight with some very victorian Steampunk Stories! Turn of the century tales featuring weird west, alternative history, and anachronistic tech from the Golden Age of Comics!

Klassik Komix breaks open its files under "X" and looks into some Creepy Cases!

Plus: The Painted Set your time machine for the past, the future, and all points in between. Travel through time and space with some of the most beautiful girls from the Golden Age of comics. There's the villainous Sorceress Of Zoom in her quest to obtain a magical je Mini-Komix keeps putting out the hits with this traditional Ashcan Album!

Get e-book Wambi; The Jungle Boy and the Princess

Some of our regular characters in new stories, as well as fresh material! This features two stories of T. The city of Maybetokyo is constantly being attacked by alien invaders, rampaging dinosaurs, and giant robots. To battle this onslaught of menaces, the powerful rangers known as the Hentai Sentai step up to the plate.

pierreducalvet.ca/165389.php But, a rival group of magical gir Mini-Komix plays an All Ages Album for the kid in all of us! Mini-Komix mixes together this special collection of our best stories in one groovy tape for a road trip! Mini-Komix looks in the back of our record bins for some of the rawest tunes in Underground Mix! Be prepared for the Chimpocalypse and Kitten Apolcalypse, see some slasher scenes from Splatter Cinema, the Sushi Senshi slam a tiny roach, vampire bunny The Tantalizing Tigirl in her first big adventure.

The lone survivor of a doomed alien planet of cat people, Tigirl was sent to Earth as an infant, and raised by Amazons in the rain forest. She later realizes she has powers and abilities far beyond t Starring killer congo queens, space sirens, Nazi nymphs, girl gunslingers, slinky snakewomen, sinister sorceresses, petty pirates, sult Journey back to the wonderful land of Oz.

Golden Agers: Congo Capers - Mini-Komix | hudofacohycu.tk

Old friends are reunited, and long forgotten loves are rekindled. Klassik Komix presents the eternal struggle of Monsters Vs. Crimefighters, space cadets, jungle lords, and superheroes struggle with things that go bump in the night. The original Golden Age Daredevil battles the size-changing demon known as Klassik Komix introduces you to the Legends of Yesterday featuring some of the greatest heroes from the Golden Age of Comics! Strange Swinging Sixties Supers continues with the greatest stitchpunk creature of all time, Frankenstein!

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Wambi, the Jungle Boy Makes a Kindle Comeback

Three thrilling adventures of the fantastic Phantom Girl! Plus, one of the milky Mysta of the Moon, and the super-strong caped Two of the legends of the jungle swing back into action! Featuring the art of the magnificent Matt Baker, Savage Sagas has the curvy Cave Girl and the thunderous Thun'da, the King of the Congo each in their own amazing adventures. From alluring amazo The son of the legendary sailor Sinbad is back in three classic tales from the Golden Age of Comics.

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Roger Drum is a WWII pilot who crash lands on a lost country filled with giant snakes, dinosaurs, and ape men. He climbs the ladder of succession to become Thun'da, the King of t Deadly Dames brings you Ghastly Gals, a collection of horror stories from the Golden Age of comics featuring monstrous maidens and evil enchantresses. There's voluptuous vampires, murderous mermaids, wicked witches, ghostly girls, snake goddesses, se Klassik Komix brings you a Saturday Morning extravaganza with an hour of pure power! We've got six fantasy tales from the Golden Age of Comics! There's three more of the King of the C Some of the original funny animals characters in comics were in fact superheroes!

This series collects some of the best from this atomic age with several " Love is in the air for bunnygirls. Two tales of shojo fun for long-eared lasses. Equinox takes place in an anthropomorphic parallel universe version of Japan where a schoolgirl tries to gain the affection of her classmate.